Little Lost Nun by Melinda Johnson

Little wooden nun by author and artist Annalisa Boyd, available at as a set.

Nuns, both little and life-sized are featured in this book about two friends who overcome sadness and experience the resurrecting power of love.

My oldest making Sister Mary and Nun Anna as part of the #summerofthelittlelostnun activity.

I was honored to be asked to write an author’s review (and read the manuscript) of Little Lost Nun by Melinda Johnson before it was sent to the printer. My daughters and I had been talking about the book because we saw Melinda’s post about her sweet paper nun exploring nature and having adventures of her own. My daughters took to this hands on experience by making nuns of their own. Their nuns went on walks with them, smelled flowers in our garden, stood with us at prayer time, and my oldest even kept hers under her pillow to talk to at night.

Nun Anna stops to pick a flower.
Sister Mary slides with a friend.

This adventure with nuns was also an excellent opportunity to talk to my kids about Orthodox monasticism. Where we live we are a long trip away from a monastery and my kids haven’t experienced a visit to a monastery garden, as is described in this book. After we received our print copy my oldest daughter and I read a chapter each night before bed, learning with the two main characters, Nina and Tabitha how grace can cover a multitude of hurts. Nina and her mother visit the monastery for a women’s weekend retreat, Tabitha’s mom joins them on a whim and displays a flighty parenthood throughout the book.

Sister Mary and Nun Anna go to church.

I don’t want to give too much away about the plot or conclusion, but there is a thread of redemption, hope, and love throughout the story. Each girl has a contrasting family life and yet both are loved the same by Gerontissa (the monastery Abbess). This book is an excellent read along with your children or one for 8-12 year olds to read on their own. Make sure they have a little nun (wooden, paper, or fabric) to take them with on their adventures.

Little Lost Nun may be purchased directly from here (with a nun):

Nun Anna eats a snack.

This Lent, Park End Books is doing a special “Lent with Little Lost Nun,” each Sunday my girls and I will sing, pray, and adventure with our nuns. Please join us!

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